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In 1998 the Green Bluff Grange came up with an idea to put on a play each year to raise money for their scholarship fund.  The first play, a melodrama, was fairly well attended and the Grange Members thought they were really onto something.

Helen and Dick Laws were the founders of the little Community Theatre that would come to be known as Old Orchard Theatre, an appropriate name given that Dick and Helen ran an Apple Orchard.

“As a Grange, we committed to awarding a total of $400 in scholarships each year.  We never guessed that with the help of Old Orchard Theatre we would award thousands of dollars each year!”  said Pat Tompers, Grange Treasurer.  In the first 10 years the Green Bluff Grange was able to award college scholarships totaling over $28,000!

Many volunteer hours go into each production.  Auditions for the plays are held in June or July and the cast rehearse twice a week throughout the summer.  Many Green Bluff Grange members have performed, but the auditions are open to the community and draw enthusiastic participants from all over the Inland Northwest.  What started out as a fun idea has turned into a major part of the community.  Each year audience member’s comment on what play from the past drew them to the Bluff and how they have attended ever since.  Green Bluff is known for its family farms, so it makes for a perfect fall day to experience the farms, buy some fruit and then attend a family friendly play or musical.

Past Productions include:
Subway                                                                                             2014
Hog Heaven                                                                                       2013
Oh, Horrors! It's Murder                                                                       2012
When in Rome                                                                                   2011
Romeo and Harriet                                                                              2010
Flapper!                                                                                              2009
Hee Haw Hayride 2008
Divine Stella Devine 2007
Lady Pirates of Captain Bree 2006
Chateau La Roach 2005
Way Out West In a Dress 2004
Murder’s in the Heir 2003
Bedside Manor 2002
Here Comes the Judge 2001
Males Order Brides 2000
Hillbilly Weddin’ 1999
Bethlehem 1998
Ratcatcher’s Daughter 1998
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